From an acrimonious divorce which left her feeling confused and alone to a new-found optimism and excitement about taking control and enjoying life, Pat has been on an incredible journey in recent years.

After divorcing her husband of 34 years and being left to figure out her finances on her own, Pat has emerged on the other side with a positive mindset and a long list of things she wants to do.

Dominic provided support to Pat, guiding her through a terrible time in her life to enable her to develop a clear plan for the future and regain control of her wealth and lifestyle.

The beginning…

"When I was married, we had advisors for everything, including our finances, so I didn’t really have a clue about how to manage money myself. We were living an amazing lifestyle and we had other people who made these sorts of decisions for us, so I wasn’t very close to the detail.

During the divorce I realised how little I knew so had a very quick and steep learning curve – I’m all the better for it! In the early days, I got in touch with a number of different financial advisory firms but didn’t feel I could trust any of them, especially when I started receiving fancy gifts and being offered champagne at events they ran. They saw me as a high net worth individual rather than a person in my own right.

My solicitor recommended Dominic to me and his first question was: “What do you want from life going forward?” No-one had approached my situation like that before, so I knew from the very start that he was acting in my best interests."

Working collaboratively…

"My mind was a fog. Dominic could see I was suffering and trying unsuccessfully to make fundamental decisions. He started to help me focus on what was important to me and we resolved everything to do with the financial side of life on my own steadily, one by one.

Dominic recognised my vulnerability and was incredibly patient. He helped me to think about what I wanted to do and what this meant to my finances. He didn’t overwhelm me but instead took everything one step at a time. We did have some robust discussions and it took time to come to a mutual understanding, though that was all part of the process and I appreciated working with someone who felt able to challenge me.

The whole experience helped me see where my finances were and plan for the future. This ability to see everything clearly has been very reassuring and has helped me get back on my feet again."

Living life to the full…

"I appreciate my circumstances and I’m grateful for the financial security I have. In the early days after my divorce, I wanted to get my own home set up and sorted out I knew that getting a new home was a priority and I just wanted a nice life.

Now I want to enjoy my life and get everything I can out of every moment I’ve got. I want the time I have to be the best years and to use every minute to the full. I’ve got a bit of a bucket list going on, there are a lot of places I want to go and experiences I want to have.

You can’t imagine what it’s like to lose everything that made your world what it was for more than 30 years.  But with the help of Dominic, I was supported through that terrible time in my life and able to come out the other side feeling very positive and determined to truly make every moment count."