My name is Dominic Baldwin. I’m the founder and managing director of Xentum, a boutique Chartered Financial Planning practice based in Cheshire and London. My speciality is helping people through their divorce.

How can I help you?

My first role is simple: it’s to listen and to understand what you’re going through. I’ll help you identify short term goals – such as resolving your divorce and your future income. I’ll help identify long term goals as well, whether that’s your ongoing financial security, buying a new property, the education of your children – whatever they might be.

One practical point: divorce is an expensive process. In some cases people don’t receive the settlement they deserve because they haven’t the funds available to pay for the right advice. I’ve secured a drawdown facility – secured against a future settlement – so that my clients can meet the legal costs of their divorce.

The next task is to build a support team around you. I work extensively with the region’s leading solicitors, accountants and private bankers: whoever your existing professional advisers are, I’ll work with them. And if you don’t know who to approach for advice, I’ll happily recommend some outstanding professionals. I have the support of an outstanding team of some of the UK’s best and most qualified financial planners at Xentum – and I can also guide you towards child psychologists, transformational life coaches and interior designers. My goal is simple: to remove your worries and let you focus on your future.


“Dominic has [now] helped me to formulate a long term strategy with regards to my finances. He has given me a far greater understanding of the options available to me and how the right management will benefit me and my family over the years ahead. My confidence and peace of mind has improved considerably over the past two years. Dominic has proved to be an invaluable professional adviser: he is now a confidant and I trust him implicitly.”