With more than 25 years of experience in financial services and property investment, I now spend my time doing what I enjoy most – offering one-to-one consultancy to a small number of clients to help them identify and achieve the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their family.

Wealth brings a level of complexity to life that others do not have, and it can be difficult to know who you can trust to help make good decisions which are truly in your best interests.  Working in partnership with you and your family, I can help you think logically and holistically and develop a plan that we can implement together, properly aligned with your values.

With no vested interest in what you do next – other than your peace of mind and financial security – I’ll be by your side to help you make the right choices, allowing you to enjoy life now while feeling confident you’re protecting the people most important to you.

"My solicitor recommended Dominic to me and his first question was: “What do you want from life going forward?” No-one had approached my situation like that before, so I knew from the very start that he was acting in my best interests."


I believe in building relationships that last with the families and individuals I work with, supporting multiple generations to live a life removed from anxiety
– now and for the future.

Like most of the people I work with, family is everything – there’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my wife, Wendy, our children and, of course, our two dogs.

At home, I’m always busy with a project in the garden but whenever I can I escape to the hills, particularly Cumbria, for a spot of walking and, more recently, wild swimming.  I enjoy the simplicity of the countryside and time away from our internet-connected world.  Clients have been known to join me in the garden or on these walks – a new environment and an opportunity to relax can really pave the way for some clear-headed thinking and to reignite the enthusiasm and sense of direction that so often gets lost amongst the busy-ness of daily life.

Helping, understanding, empathising, giving of my time, being kind – these are all values that guide the way I work. In the past, I’ve been described as having an indomitable spirit which I’ve been careful to direct not towards ‘conquering’ goals but instead towards living well, more simply, with less worry and more enjoyment: and this is exactly what I want to help my clients to do.