Your Advocate

It can be difficult to make important decisions alone. Whether you want to adjust the direction of your life, or you need help to navigate one of life’s transitions, I can help. My role is to act as a sounding board and to help you think logically and holistically before making decisions so that what you do is in alignment with your values and plan.

With no vested interest in what you do next – other than your happiness and future security – I’ll be by your side to help you make the right choices. This clarity will allow you to enjoy life now, safe in the knowledge that you are heading in the right direction for the future you envisage.

Wealth management support

If you’re undergoing a major life event, you may feel it appropriate to review your financial affairs to ensure they’re in line with your values and priorities. As founder and Chief Executive of Xentum, a specialist firm of lifestyle financial planners, I’ll be happy to refer you to experts who can help you with everything from investment management to estate planning and pension arrangements.  I know that feeling secure with your finances is a huge part of removing anxiety and complexity from your life.

Connecting the dots

If you have other advisors you rely upon, such as accountants and lawyers, I’ll work with you to coordinate them, building a support team of like-minded individuals to ensure everything you do brings you closer to your vision.

If you don’t have good advisors, I’ll be happy to connect you with firms and individuals in my network who share my values-led approach and can be trusted to truly serve your best interest – whether that’s lawyers, personal assistants, real estate agents or anything in between.

"I have been a client of Dominic and of Xentum for well over a decade as have other members of my family. His holistic and unique approach to lifetime financial management has had a profound effect on my ability to plan and understand personal finance. He is always there, always positive and always wise. I can’t recommend him too highly."